Kite-board course

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  • What is the Prorider kite-school on water? HERE we tell how the course go…
  • What is the structure of the course? HERE we show you the skills you will acquire…
  • Where is the summer kite-camp? HERE you can get directions to our school…

The kite-course can be in English, French, Bulgarian or Romanian language. Our program is flexible to the student needs and allows him to advance by improving his skills. The more he relies on his instructor, the fastest he becomes independent. So let’s go kiting together!



A kite course is an individual experience. Even if you are accompanied and/or work in team while you advance, please book your class separately of your team-mate. Thank you!
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Prorider Kite-board course

We adapt to our students and always offer them the best equipment.

How to choose a course? HERE:

Level CourseRecommendation
Skills building in18HWell sometimes, you just need more time!
Would you stay with us for 2 weeks?
Skills building in
12Hif you have never had kite-experience before.
(LEVEL 1 to 3)
Discovery kite-boarders, we have a program from beginner to independent if you feel you would need more time.
Would you stay with us for 1 week?
Skills building in 9H if you have never had kite-experience before.
(LEVEL 1 & 2)
Discovery kite-boarders, we have a program from beginner, intermediate to independent kiting in a few hours. Everything is in your hands.
Would you stay with us for 5 days?
Skills improving in6Hif you already kite and you need a refreshment or an upgrade of your advancement from before.
Independent kite-boarders, we can continue your training and bring to the that level when you enjoy kiting.
Would you stay with us for 3 days?
Skills upgrading in3Hif you already kite and you would like to learn a new trick.
Advanced kite-boarders, we can help you with advise and tips while you enjoy kiting.
Are you coming just for a day?
To be able to
1Hif NO IKO-certification, we would need to check your skills before trusting you with our kite-gear.
NB! We will also provide you an IKO-certificate for that matter.
The duration of course is approximate depending on the student's knowledge, weather conditions during the course, spot configuration – flat, shallow, waves etc.

What is NEXT?

  1. Make your choice of course you would like to follow and let’s go kiting! Our Kite-school is open all year long. You can check our Calendar to see our plans for the next days! Yet, wind does not make plans that inscribes into a time-sheet. 😉
  2. So, place your order. Once you’ve paid, we get in touch to decide together on the best opportunity to start your class. We go kiting when the wind is blowing and you can join. 🙂
  3. No worries! You have 8 months to find the perfect conditions and become a kiter with our help!

Also, if you have a friend curious to learn and/or improve, you may consider to invite him/her to join. It is easier to learn to kite when you work as a team. You will help each other and support each other. You improve while you practice but also while observing your team-mate. Shared experiences also builds stronger bonds between friends… More fun for everybody!

Additional information

Equipment for

WATER-kite = Kite-boarding!








Available if needed. (Also, we have in the Shop)

Helmet + Impact vest


Licra + Shorts

No. (We have in store, if needed)


No. (We have in store, if needed)

Cap / Hat / Gloves

No. (We have in store, if needed)


1h, 3h, 6h, 9h, 12h, 18h

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