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The initiator of all extreme activities;

The founder of the ProRider-project in Romania.

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The "Prorider Events" SRL

Once upon a time, PRORIDER was born out of our passion. The passion for alternative sports combined with the deep belief that both physical and mental balances are largely acquired through the constant unfolding of outdoor activities.

So in 2004, for the first time in Romania, snowboarding fans had the chance to experience the “summer version” of this sport: MOUNTAINBOARDING. Unknown in the country until that time, the mountain-boarding sport showed that snowboarding is also possible in the absence of snow while the warm seasons. More and more followers gathered each year. So we promoted mountain boarding. We offered conditions for learning and improving skills.

In May 2011, for the first time, we adapted a track for practicing mountain boarding at “Campulung Muscel”. We organized the first international competition in Romania: The Balkan Dirt Masters 2011.

Mountain-boarding was not just a step in finding an alternative to winter sports, it lead to discovering another important segment of our activity: KITING. Initially, we only offered LAND-KITING courses, and then extended to SNOW-KITING and KITE-BOARDING. Meanwhile we also expanded the range of services we provide:

  • you can have an individual or group course, from complete beginner to improving your kiting skills above;
  • we are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) accredited and Turkish-Sailing Federation accredited;
  • we rent equipment,
  • we organize holidays in exotic places and thematic tours,
  • we organize training camps as well as competitions (in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey).

We are also focused on promoting alternative sports among children. From preschool to adolescence, we are trying to win them on the side of an active, healthy, positive constructive emotion, involving a solid, nature-oriented education that generates satisfaction and smiles.


Finally but not least, the PRORIDER is an online store that caters to riders (beginners or advanced) with sporting and protective equipment as well as products to facilitate the practice of alternative sports.

It’s so simple: if you are already a rider, we help you become a PRO, and if not, we are pro- here to help you become a RIDER!


LAND - SNOW - WATER Here you can learn about KITESURFING. Curious to approach this water sport? You can check our kiteboarding lessons programs or watch some free tutorials...

Adventure Trips

For a short break from the city, join us for Stand-Up-Paddle trip downstream on river near Bucharest. Let's explore unknown caves together. Or just come to an exotic holiday. Here is how to plan your adventure trip?


Kites, boards, accessories wrapped with special offers. Find new extreme sports gear of famous brands or check our second hand offers. You will find your happiness here!