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Spring & Autumn, on a day adventure trip, every week-end we paddle on rivers near Bucharest...

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Our adventure weekend will send us on a journey underground to limit access places no one else has seen...

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Some long vacations coming? Winter-time still offers some hot-weather destinations: Sri Lanka & Venezuela await for us...

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We offer one-of-a-kind trips for the various part of the year:

  • For a day, we stay close and slide along the rivers near Bucharest with a Stand-up-paddle (SUP);
  • For a week-end, we travel close to unknown locations to dive underground and discover some caves in Romania or North of Bulgaria;
  • For a week, we may engage you in a kite-camp and teach you something new;
  • For a month, we may invite you to a kite-trip and exotic adventure in countries far beyond…

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From our trips:

How to rent kite-surfing equipment?

Are you planning an adventure trip mixed with sport? Would you like to travel light? Or are you curious about water-sports and planning to test kite-surfing? Here follows some useful information to take into consideration before you rent a kite: Author: The ProRider Team Hello, Proriders & Riders to be Pro’, We are kitesurfers in…

Kite in Turkey – Gokceada spot conditions

Author: The ProRider Team What are the kite conditions in Gokceada? Good for everybody no matter the skills or the preferences for kiting. Each kite-surfer will find his happiness. Level of kiting: beginner + intermediate + independent + advanced; Spot type: beach with the on-shore wind with small to medium waves & perfect flat water…

Kite in Turkey – Gokceada kite options

Author: The ProRider Team Where to kite when on Gokceada island in Turkey? The spots for kiting are quite varied in the area, so every rider can find his happiness there: The “wave” spot is the beach with the on-shore wind. Where on the high forecast you get some exceptional waves for riding strapless. This…

Kite in Turkey – Gokceada kite needs

Author: The ProRider Team What kite-equipment to prepare? Various options are to be considered when you decide which kites to take: Let us tell you about a kite day…Your day can start with a wild strapless session. You practice some freestyle tricks or discover the bay while free-riding at midday. You enjoy an awesome foil-session…

Kite in Turkey – Gokceada’s Life & Adventures

Author: The ProRider Team Gokceada island round trip… Gokceada city street Gokceada island; sunset spot Gokceada city: market place Kelekoy village Kelekoy village Eselek village view of a roof Kelekoy village Gokceada island view of Samotraki Old laundry house What else do you need to know? Access the kite-spot from the mainland is easy. You…

Visit Turkey: helpful information

Some general information and pieces of advice about this destination: budget-wise… if you are looking for a cheap exotic vacation destination. As it is easy to reach by car from Europe, the road is good. Gokceada Island in Turkey is the best choice to be on a budget for a couple or a family. Do…

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What Clients Say

All the adventure seekers out there, you just can’t miss a Prorider experience. Be it kite, SUP, snowkite trip or (almost) anything you have in mind, you’ll find an experienced instructor, the latest gear, a lot of useful info and the mandatory security instruction for a cool and safe outdoor experience. Also, the trip to Sri Lanka it’s a must, you have stunning blue water, windy days, mouth watering food and fruits & tones of hidden gems for your explorer soul.
Prorider Events client_botnari.irina
Irina Botnari
SUP Adventurer
Recomand cu incredere - in cei 10 ani de experienta am trecut si eu pe la domn profesor george si a fost foarte bun ca profesor - e clar ca rezultatul final depinde partial si de materialul elevului - experienta a fost foarte faina 10x :).
Prorider Events client_Dragos Petru Belduganu
Dragos Petru Belduganu
Kite Student
Aventura din Sri Lanka organizata de Prorider este una de neratat. Kitesurf zilnic, bucuria de a descoperi o locatie exotica si o cultura noua, alaturi de multi prieteni.
Prorider Events client_Patrick Lorincz
Patrik Lorincz
F-One client







Life in Sri Lanka!