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Spring & Autumn, on a day adventure trip, every week-end we paddle on rivers near Bucharest...

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Our adventure weekend will send us on a journey underground to limit access places no one else has seen...

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Some long vacations coming? Winter-time still offers some hot-weather destinations: Sri Lanka & Venezuela await for us...

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We offer one-of-a-kind trips for the various part of the year:

  • For a day, we stay close and slide along the rivers near Bucharest with a Stand-up-paddle (SUP);
  • For a week-end, we travel close to unknown locations to dive underground and discover some caves in Romania or North of Bulgaria;
  • For a week, we may engage you in a kite-camp and teach you something new;
  • For a month, we may invite you to a kite-trip and exotic adventure in countries far beyond…

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We organize trips for sport and pleasure all year long!

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From our trips:

Where to stay in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka?

Do you plan a kite trip in Sri Lanka? Once you book a flight to Colombo, the only important detail to decide is the place to stay : resort, hotel, villa… Transport to Kalpityia, rent a tuk-tuk, get to a bank for cash – everything comes next. So how to choose where to stay? Here…

A story about a magical Island that is Sri Lanka

Every Christmas since 2014, we search for presents under a coconut-tree instead of a pine. Are you curious about life in Sri Lanka or considering visiting Sri Lanka? We will tell you a story about a real place that brings magic in our lives. Today, the adventure spirit is defined by being always active and…

That kite-adventure in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

When everybody in Europe dreams about sunny beaches and hot weather, we complain about heat and mosquito-bites. But then, let’s go kite! Do you plan a kite trip in Sri Lanka? We do. We book a flight to Colombo. We have a place to stay. Transport to Kalpityia, rent a tuk-tuk, get to a bank…

How did go the Snow Show 2011

Author: The ProRider Team NB! This article was originally published in 2011 in Romanian language. And it was Snow Show! And we would have wished you were there, because we felt great! We thought it was a good opportunity to air all the “returns” from our store and we did well because the snow seems…

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What Clients Say

All the adventure seekers out there, you just can’t miss a Prorider experience. Be it kite, SUP, snowkite trip or (almost) anything you have in mind, you’ll find an experienced instructor, the latest gear, a lot of useful info and the mandatory security instruction for a cool and safe outdoor experience. Also, the trip to Sri Lanka it’s a must, you have stunning blue water, windy days, mouth watering food and fruits & tones of hidden gems for your explorer soul.
Prorider Events client_botnari.irina
Irina Botnari
SUP Adventurer
Recomand cu incredere - in cei 10 ani de experienta am trecut si eu pe la domn profesor george si a fost foarte bun ca profesor - e clar ca rezultatul final depinde partial si de materialul elevului - experienta a fost foarte faina 10x :).
Prorider Events client_Dragos Petru Belduganu
Dragos Petru Belduganu
Kite Student
Aventura din Sri Lanka organizata de Prorider este una de neratat. Kitesurf zilnic, bucuria de a descoperi o locatie exotica si o cultura noua, alaturi de multi prieteni.
Prorider Events client_Patrick Lorincz
Patrik Lorincz
F-One client







Life in Sri Lanka!