It Is A New Beginning!
Choosing a kite instructor is a matter of inspiration and trust. Follow your heart because it will guide you best!


Skis and snowboards may serve you better this winter. One of the best ways to improve your kite surfing skills while being away from water is snow-kiting


Is it the most difficult extreme sport? It is definitely the easiest to practice. Get your mountain board and let's go freeride. All You need is a good wind forecast and a trainer kite and us to show you how to ride...


Of all watersports, with kitesurfing You accomplish a dream. Start some kiteboarding lessons to slide downwind to upwind and than go Big air!

Our commitments!

From beginner to advanced, we adapt our kite-training to every student needs:

  • To offer you the latest gear, in order to support and ease your progress while the kitesurfing lessons. No need to rent equipment – neoprene, impact vests, leashes, kiteboards and some Bandit kites will cover you while your training;
  • To provide you the newest and safest teaching method. You will learn all about safety systems, safety rules and safest conditions to kite on the best kite beach with good onshore wind;
  • To stand by you on your new journey, as a coach during the course and as a friend and accomplice in adventure for all the fun and adrenaline that will follow this experience…

Everything has a reason and so is You reading our page!

The 50 st
Romanian kiteschool in Turkey
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experience in kite
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experience in coaching

Our school is opened all year long

Land-kiting Snow-kiting Kite-boarding

The Prorider Kite School offers kite lessons with professional instructor training. Our instructor is licensed by the International Kiteboarding Organization IKO and the Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF).

Learning Kite-foil and Wing-foil with us is easy!
Join us in the summer.

We work with the best: