Choosing a kite instructor is a matter of inspiration so follow your heart, it knows better!


One of the best ways to improve your skills while being away from water.


It seems to be the most difficult. It is also the easiest to practice.


Accomplish a dream!

Our commitments!

We adapt our kite-training to every student needs:

  • To offer you the latest gear, in order to support and ease your progress;
  • To provide you the newest and safest teaching method;
  • To stand by you on your new journey, as a coach during the course and as a friend for as long as you would want it.

Everything has a reason and so is you reading our page!

50 st
Legal school in Turkey
+ Years
experience in kite
+ Years
experience in coaching

Our school is opened all year long

Land-kiting Snow-kiting Kite-boarding

The Prorider Kite-School offers kite-lessons with professional instructor with license from the International Kite-boarding Organization (IKO) and for Turkey - the Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF).

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