Hello ProRider,
Do you know how to kite? This is good news, because if you learned kite-surfing with our kite-school, we can provide kite equipment for your own adventure trips.

So if you are not ready to buy you can rent a kite or a stand-up-paddle. These are our conditions to rent sport-gear from us:

The Rent Contract


NB! If you do not have IKO certification of your level of kiting, to rent gear from us, you have to take 1H-kite-lesson course with our instructor to be able to check your skills and trust you with our gear. Also, at the end of the lesson, you will have an IKO-certification provided by the ProRider-KiteSchool ((:

  1. The contract starts executing once the gear is in your hands and stops when the gear is back to us. Neither weather conditions, neither personal mood of the day accounts for the number of hours or days you used physically the gear.
  2. The offer stands for inflatable kites or “Tube kites” – rent a foil-kite is +10% over the price of the tube-kite.
  3. We trust you will treat the equipment you rent with the “care of a good father”!
  4. The rent is to be paid up front.
  5. All prices are in Euro, also when on the beach we do accept cash payments in Romanian or local currencies based on the daily exchange rate of the official website of Bank of Romania. Indeed, if you have Revolut – it is easier;
  6. All prices are non-negotiable, thank you for your understanding;
  7. All prices do not include insurance! We apply “You break it – you buy it” – principle. If the gear is damaged while used and/or on return – an additional cost for reparation may be applied. If the gear is damaged as destroyed and improper for use – the complete price of replacement for the new items will be applied based on the official retail prices for that brand.

PS: Respectfully, all said above is also valid for stand up paddle equipment too.

YES? Let’s go kite…

Rent-a-KITE price-list

Days / Hours
Zile / Ori
Inflatable Kite+bar
60€150€250€315€400€560 €
Board /
20€50€80€100€140€175 €
Harness /
10€25€40€50€70€75 €
Wetsuit /
10€25€40€50€70€75 €
Equipment / Echipament
= kite+bar+board
= zmeu+bar+placa
80€200€300€400€500€700 €
Equipment / Echipament
= kite+bar+board+harness
= zmeu+bar+placa+ham
90€225€325€450€550€800 €
Equipment Echipament
= kite+bar+board+harness+wetsuit
= zmeu+bar+placa+ham+neopren
100€250€350€500€600€850 €
Accessories (pump; leash; water shoes; impact vest; helmet ...)
Accessorii (pompa; leash; ciupici de neopren; vesta de impact; casca...)
3 €10€15€20€30€40 €
Storage of personal gear3 €10€15€20€30€40 €

Rent-a-SUP price-list

SUP Equipment Rentals

1 Hour1 Day1 Week
Inflatable SUP
SUP gonflabile
10 €50 €200 €

We are happy to help, so we provide the best gear and we appreciate you to return the favor when you take good care of our equipment. To make sure you participate to our next exotic adventure, You may LIKE our page on FaceBook to keep you posted when our next trip is scheduled.

For any inquiries please email! We are available to answer all your questions:

office @ prorider . ro