F-One Hydrofoil Fuselages Alu & Carbon

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Fuselages compatibility for the F-One hydrofoils of 2021:

  • Alu fuselage 70 for the F-One IC6 V3 950 Hydrofoil
  • Fuselage Carbon Mirage for the F-One Mirage Carbon Hydrofoil
  • Fuselage Carbon Short for the F-One Gravity 1200 / 1500 & Phantom Carbon 1280 / 1480 / 1780 Hydrofoil
  • Fuselage Carbon Long for the F-One Gravity 1800 / 2200 Hydrofoil
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The F-One Hydrofoil Alu Fuselage 70 & Fuselage Carbon Mirage / Short / Long


Fuselage Alu 70

Ref. 77207-0201

The Alu fuselage 70 is a super stiff wing connection with a 100% solid aluminum construction and a slender hydrodynamic section. WEIGHT: 0.18 kg

At the forward end, this fuselage can accept all wings of any size with FCD connectors. Once it is plugged in, the front wing must be fastened with a 210mm main rod. A stabilizer can be fastened at the back using two M6x16mm tapered head screws . The cradle for the stabilizer was designed to keep the foil in trim when using F-One stabilizers.

Recommended with IC6 V3 950


Aluminium 6063 6061
This aluminium alloy boasts some very good mechanical properties and can be processed in many different ways while also offering a natural resistance to corrosion.
Produced from an extrusion process, our aluminium profiles make the most of this homogeneous material to provide perfect stiffness both in torsion and bending. All areas in contact with other metals or carbon parts are duly isolated against galvanic reactions.

Machining blocks of aluminium 6061 guarantees the maximum accuracy and preserves the mechanical properties of this higher grade of aluminium. All parts are fully anodized and stainless steel inserts are fitted with isolating gel when fastening is required.

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Fuselage Carbon Mirage / Short / Long

Ref. 77207-0203 / 77207-0204 / 77207-0205

The Fuselage Tail Carbon is an essential complement to the F-One Monobloc carbon wings. They are with ultralight carbon construction. WEIGHT: 0.20 kg

They connect with the front wing behind the TITAN mast slot in an area where the loads are reduced. Still, the shape of the connection is inspired from the TITAN design and offers a very robust and stiff assembly.

At the back the cradle for the stabilizer is designed with the right angle to make the front wing fly with ease and efficiency.

The Fuselage Tail Carbon are built in pre-preg carbon with a foam core to keep their weight extremely light. Some solidly anchored brass inserts are used for all fastenings.

The Fuselage Tail Carbon are available in three sizes:

  • Short (37 cm): offers more maneuverability and better responsiveness – recommended with Gravity 1200/1500 & Phantom Carbon 1280/1480/1780.
  • Long (41 cm): offers more stability and a more efficient pumping – recommended with Gravity 1800/2200
  • Mirage (<37 cm): designed with a stiff connection – recommended with Mirage Carbon

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Alu fuselage 70, Fuselage Carbon – Mirage, Fuselage Carbon – Short, Fuselage Carbon – Long


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