Manera Hood Cold session

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The Manera Hoods MAGMA and X10D are essential weapons against the elements. They are designed to make you ride longer & in more comfort whether it’s to fight the cold, the wind or the UV rays.

You can ride without but you’ll always feel better with them!


  • Magma Hood Cold session = 2.5 mm
  • X10D Hood Cold session = 1.5 mm

Here you can find YOUR SIZE @ Manera’s official website!

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Hood Magma & X10D for cold sessions

Magma Hood Cold session – 2.5 mm

The MAGMA hood features a double flap:

One stays outside the wetsuit collar while the other one comes inside. It creates a double barrier against water flushing and it makes sure the hood stays in place.

Manera creators have used our Reflex-skin jersey to line the areas where we need mobility: Neck, face, chin. Head and ears are built in Glide-skin neoprene which is waterproof & windproof to fight the wind-chill effect. The inside is lined with MAGMA fleece for an unbeatable warmth and fast-drying.

It’s the weapon of choice if you want to spend the winter without brain-freeze while still having a good mobility.

  • Flexibility = 85%
  • Warmth = 100%
  • Comfort = 100%


X10D Hood Cold session – 1.5 mm

The X10D hood is built in the same material as the X10D wetsuits:

It is made to be forgotten while wearing it is keeping you warm. Its flexibility and lightness allow a very good mobility, this is the perfect accessory if you don’t like bulky hoods.

  • Flexibility = 100%
  • Warmth = 80%
  • Comfort = 100%

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Magma 2.5 mm, X10D 1.5 mm




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