F-One WTF!? Lite Tech & Next Generation

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The WTF (Win The Freestyle) has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate freestyle competition machine that has been developed to allow you to perform the most demanding tricks with ease.



The WTF-board features a new rocker line with a flatter section in the centre of the board to allow it to plane early with increased rocker on the tips to keep those landings smooth. There is a dynamic transition between these staged rocker lines which are designed to give the maximum pop off the water.

Pop is something we have to talk about with the WTF, every feature of the board has been built around not only giving the most pop possible but also making it easy to release it and control it. The outline of the board is both versatile and comfortable, the broad tips provide a huge platform for you to launch your tricks from, while also offering a stable landing area no matter how hard you are coming in from a move.

We are famous for our revolutionary HRD rail technology, with the WTF we have taken it a step further, it’s not an HRD rail, but something unique to the board. Higher, thicker rails are present under the feet, offering maximum lift and balance while in the middle of the board and at the tips there is a thinner rail for improved grip.

On the underside of the board, you will find channelling and shaping to improve the grip and the release of water from the board. Helping you with speed and control at all times while you are on the water. These channels also break the surface tension of the water making the landings smoother and more manageable.

The deck of the board is completely flat, and with good reason, a flat deck provides a more consistent connection to the board for your bindings, no matter what brand you choose. This helps again with control and also makes it easy to get bindings that fit the board.

Once you are on the water, you will notice the speed at which the board travels and how effortless it is to ride. Pop is gained easily and no matter your speed or the state of the water you can be assured of a good take off every time you load up the edge. Landings are smooth, and the WTF has been designed to help you to complete your tricks with a higher consistency than ever before.

The board is available in three sizes: 136 x 41.5, 138 x 42 and a 140 x 42.5cm. All three sizes are quite large on purpose, the increased surface area helping to get you going early, but also providing a great platform for landing your tricks. This platform is further enhanced by the shaping on the bottom of the board, breaking the surface tension with ease and reducing the “slap” you can get from some boards.

The WTF is available in two graphics: the standard WTF and the WTF Girl, both share identical construction with slightly less volume and more flex in the girl’s version. There is also a WTF Next Generation model which features a slightly different shape and smaller dimensions and softer flex to help the younger riders rip on the water.

When the board is equipped with our UNIBox fins, offers better speed and improved glide with less drag thanks to their thinner profile.



Lite Tech
Lite Tech Girl
Lite Tech - Next Generation
The wood forms the heart of your board and gives it most of its mechanical properties: strength, flex and resilience (ability to return to its original shape).
Each year, in order to master these properties, F-one seek to optimize its distribution, particularly in terms of thickness.

Lite Tech
Lite Tech Girl
Lite Tech - Next Generation
The patented UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins have a radical effect : the asymmetrical profile improves the general ride and early planing.
However, it is the flex of the RESPONSE fins that gives amazing rail-grip as well as pop and forgiveness on heavy freestyle landings.

Lite Tech
Lite Tech Girl
Lite Tech - Next Generation
F-One sought to gain support and a more progressive and constant contact in the water.
Starting with a surfing rail type, we have only kept the bottom part and the result is a reversed rail profile.
Its entry into the water is more gradual and the board feedback is softer.

Lite Tech
Lite Tech Girl
Lite Tech - Next Generation
The V double concave bottom shapes combines a general V with two concave channels on each side of the center line.
The V provides maneuverability while the concaves channel the water along the board. The result is a lively board providing a comfortable ride with easy landings

Lite Tech
Lite Tech Girl
Lite Tech - Next Generation
The LITE TECH (Integrated TPU Element) patented by ROSSIGNOL Snowboards is an F-ONE exclusivity in the kiting world bringing an incredible look and design to your board.
Lite Tech
Lite Tech Girl

These channels help provide superior grip towards the tip of the board and are designed to be super-efficient during the pop.
To form the channels, the tip of the board is raised in its central part, therefore creating added lift locally to the rocker of the board for better pop and easier landings.
Lite Tech - Next Generation
The Twist Control allows to manage the board’s twist and transversal reactivity.
Depending on the model, this cross-shaped structure is either an add-on or cnc-machined directly into the mass of the wood core.
Using it is also a guarantee of a better control whatever the water conditions.
The Twist Control can also optimize the ratio weight/rigidity and weight/reactivity.
Lite Tech - Next Generation
Flexibility and impact absorption are synonymous with comfort; however comfort does not mean sacrificing control and performance.
It is difficult to reach this compromise, and this is the main reason behind the development of the DYNAMIC FLEX, which can absorb the chop, without compromising the control and edging.
Lite Tech - Next Generation
The DIRECT DRIVE technology is present on our boards since 2001, and refers to a board with minimal thickness, a 100% wood core and a 100% fiberglass envelope.
These interlocking elements meet the F-ONE standards for a kite board and provide maximum durability.
The DIRECT DRIVE translate into a precise board, quick and active as it erases the flaws of the water surface, collecting its energy and giving it back for the best performance.
The feeling of riding a rock solid board always in contact with the water without suffering from it is even greater.



Lite Tech136 x 41.53.3
Lite Tech138 x 423.3
Lite Tech140 x 42.53.4
Lite Tech Girl136 x 41.53.1
Lite Tech - Next Generation127 x 372.05
Lite Tech - Next Generation130 x 392.4
* Indicative values, subjected to slight variations.

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Lite Tech, Lite Tech Girl, Lite Tech – Next Generation


127 x 37 cm, 130 x 39 cm, 136 x 41.5 cm, 138 x 42 cm, 140 x 42.5 cm