F-One Magnet Surf-board

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The strapless revolution continues with the MAGNET CARBON V2: Discover a new shape for an even more electrifying and sensational ride. Stunningly lightweight and resistant to the most extreme tricks with its innovative and reinforced construction, this astounding board sticks to your feet at all times and allows effortless and mind-blowing airs.

  • New shape for even better accelerations, pop, and handling
  • 100% dedicated to strapless freestyle
  • The lightest strapless kite board ever built
  • Sticks to your feet
  • Huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile


Note! The F-One Magnet Carbon is equipped with a leash-plug. It is delivered with a full-pad and a set of 2 front-fines F-one Flow Carbon M and 1 rear-fine F-One Flow Carbon XS.

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Presentation of F-One MAGNET Carbon Surf-board


Jump higher and land immediately all the strapless tricks you have been training on for months! With its surreal lightweight and low profile, the board sticks to your feet, and you will keep naturally the board way longer during the tricks.


The reduced thickness brings improved control and an innovative flex to provide a lot more comfort and precision while riding and when landing, even in the harshest conditions. It’s a totally new feel in terms of control, with a more direct feedback. Its straight rocker line combined with the parallel outline offers the speed and stability you need to boost huge aerial tricks.

Combining the deep channels, precisely carved on the bottom of the board, together with the right amount of flex makes the landings a lot more controlled and smoother.

The F-One MAGNET CARBON is built using the innovative SLIMTECH CARBON Custom process making it both light and incredibly robust, probably the two most important aspects of a strapless freestyle board.The pad covers enough area of the board so you get the extra grip you need in all situations and a grab rail has been recessed into the deck so you can grab the board with ease during those tic-tacs. Transform your ride with the MAGNET CARBON, the most innovative strapless board on the market.



f-one magnet surf board stats




SizeDimensions (CM)Dimensions (INCH)Volume (L)Weight (KG)
4’11149 x 46 x 2.3 cm4’11 x 17.7″ x 0.9"10.8 L2.7
5’10156 x 46 x 2.3 cm5’10 x 18.1″ x 0.9" 11.5 L2.8
*Indicative values, may be subject to variations




The SLIM Tech Carbon Custom process uses a CNC-shaped PVC foam core, which is then wrapped entirely by a carbon fiber skin. All the skin layers are carefully laid and vacuum-bagged for minimum weight and maximum fiber efficiency. This hand-crafted lamination makes boards outstandingly light and impressively strong.

tech f-one slimtech carbon custom

Better control of the board: Having the feet closer to the bottom of the board means you have a better, sharper feel for what the board is doing.
By using a stronger core material, we can reduce the amount and variety of materials used in the shell. Using carbon, this shell can be made even lighter while keeping its strength and stiffness characteristics. Added to the reduced volume, this means the board is incredibly light.
The core of the board is no more this fragile blank which you can ding, dent or break. The SLIM Tech boards are tougher and stronger.
Using a slimmer profile, the flex of the board can be better tuned by adjusting the skin fiber layup. This flex is a true innovation and is the secret of the strength of the board. It will bend and not break.

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Magnet Carbon


4’11 x 18.1″, 5’10 x 18.5″

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