F-One Trigger kite

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Pull the trigger !

Boost big, experience pure hangtime and enjoy super smooth landings with the new F-ONE TRIGGER. Designed for top Big Air performances, this 5-strut kite will blow your mind. Not only will it allow you to send big loops, but its awesome freeride abilities will also send you back upwind effortlessly.

Using our original 5-points connection setup and two pulleys bridles, the TRIGGER is incredibly precise and reactive and will perform in both the high and low end, never letting you down or forcing you to stop your session.

  • 5 struts, high aspect, and flattened arch profile
  • Mind-blowing and smooth vertical boost
  • Unbelievable and floaty hangtime
  • Precise bar feedback
  • Remarkable turning radius
  • Extensive wind range

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Presentation of the F-One Trigger kite


The TRIGGER is the ultimate Big Air weapon to throw huge airs as well as a free-ride machine. Designed to perform, its high aspect and five-strut air frame can handle tons of power while offering precise handling for impeccably targeted sends.


Simply pull the bar to enjoy its mind-blowing vertical boost. The resulting hangtime is on point, offering the perfect amount of float and bar feedback to confidently and gently land after a big jump.

The vertical climb is progressive, and the hold on the way down is so good you will confidently try all your tricks. Very effective in Big Air in all conditions and especially on flat water, its vertical traction allows you to jump high without the need of a kicker.

The TRIGGER offers an excellent steering response with light bar pressure and great bar feedback. It is responsive and reactive, achieving a great turning radius with decent speed that feels smooth across the window to send kite loops.

Thanks to that precise bar feedback, you know where the kite is in the air at all times and can easily harness its lifting surface for big accelerations and vertical boosts while fully staying in control. Riding is natural and comfortable with a lateral pull turned into positive traction, and the impressive depower lets you handle any gusts even in the high end.

f-one trigger kite

As we developed this kite, we naturally sought to put forth and capitalize on our extensive expertise to design the finest Big Air kite while staying true to ourselves. We aimed to create a kite that would perform extremely well throughout the entire wind range.

The additional projected area of the TRIGGER allows great float during each jump and soft landings. It gives more traction as well, and coupled with the high aspect, it insures a nice glide and performances in light winds.

The five struts bring impressive stability and full control particularly in the high end, as well as easy and sharp changes in direction. It also allows the smooth transfer of lateral pull into powerful vertical launch, which gives you confidence to keep pushing the limit.

The R&D team worked intensively on making the entire profile amazingly sleek and implemented original staggered seams on the trailing edge. The seam’s tension line is thus broken, which means the entire profile of the canopy is leveled when the kite is fully powered. We kept the fabric’s orientation towards tension as well.

This all leads to more efficiency and sharper performances. Overall, this perfectly even canopy profile brings an even greater sense of stability without feeling disturbances or the bar moving.

The struts’ reinforcements are sleek as well thanks to the Kevlar strip on the top. This improves the kite’s steering and maneuverability, reduces the aerodynamic disturbances, and decreases the overall weight of the kite once wet.

Our original 5 points connections bridle and two pulleys help keep the arc stable even in overpowered conditions. This kite has been designed to work with a low front V on the bar, better suited for the flattened arc and to improve the bar feel.

The new, CNC-shaped, anodized aluminum low friction “pulleys” are super lightweight and increase the kite’s reactivity. They also raise the bridle’s resistance to abrasion and its overall durability.

The TRIGGER is an exceptional Big Air kite that you can trust blindly. Made to handle anything and everything, it will inspire confidence throughout the entire session, even if the wind strength abruptly changes or if overpowered.

It is available in 6 m², 7 m², 8 m², 9 m², 10 m², 11 m², and 12 m². With its incredible wind range, this kite offers monumental hangtime and boost, superior support in windy conditions, and outstanding upwind and freeriding abilities.



f-one trigger kite stats



SIZE (m²)6789101112
WIND RANGE (knts)28+25+20 > 3515 > 3012 > 2611 > 24 10 > 22
WEIGHT (kg) *2.492.692.893.073.273.493.75
BAR SIZE (cm)45 / 3845 / 3845 / 3845 / 3852 / 4552 / 4552 / 45
* Kite weight (only)



This brand-new F-ONE’s design innovation offers an amazingly sleeked profile for more efficiency and sharper performances.

Original staggered seams have been implemented on critical parts of the kites. The seam’s tension line is broken offering a perfectly leveled canopy profile when the kite is fully powered.

f one bandit 16 staggered seams techno schema

The fabric is orientated towards tension. The perfectly even canopy profile brings a sensational stability without feeling disturbances in the bar.
f one bandit 16 staggered seams techno photo
FORCE FRAME The Force Frame is a solid Dacron structure offering optimized durability with no additional weight gain.
TEIJIN’s TECHNOFORCE™ is the most reliable high density polyester fabric. Its tear-stopping structure using thin and high tension yarn makes the fabric ultra-durable.

It has a great proven track record of lightness and durability.
F One Kite Tech Technoforce Double Ripstop 50
Our fast inflation & deflation valve.
F One Tech Reactor Valve 1 F One Tech Reactor Valve 2



How to adjust the settings?
The back line is released and the forces go through the front connector. The bar pressure increases and the maneuvrability is less direct. It offers a very progressive bar with a feeling of a sheeted out back connector while we sheet in, therefore the pressure increases progressively.
The kite tilts and the back line stiffens. The tensions move to the trailing edge which has several effects:
- less flapping
- better start
- maneuverability with less pressure.
F One Tech Back Line Tuning Sheeted In 1F One Tech Back Line Tuning Sheeted Out 1
When the kite is sheeted out with the upper knot tuning (1):
-kite’s maneuvrability increases
-bar pressure reduces
When the kite is sheeted out with the lower knot tuning (2):
- kite’s maneuvrability reduces
- bar pressure increases
F One Tech Back Line Tuning Knot 1 1F One Tech Back Line Tuning Knot 2 1
Stronger assembly of the panels: they are now glued and sewn together to make the canopy more rip resistant.
F One Kite 2018 Tech Flat Sewing
The leading edge tips benefit from a reduced diameter, they are streamlined to lower the drag and equipped with a strap to avoid bridle tangling
F One Kite 2018 Tech Leading Edge Tips
The kite's struts are designed with a vertical cut in order to optimize the strength / diameter ratio.
F One Kite 2018 Tech Vertical Strut Cut
Pulley structure is extremely resistant.
F One Tech Kite Pulley 100Bridle is integrated in the lower part of the pulley, working in its axis and not sideways.
Pulleys can be removed independently from the bridle, you can change the bridle and keep the pulley or vice versa.
Most seams on the leading edge are protected with an abrasion-resistant Kevlar® fabric to prevent the seams from deteriorating when the kite's profile is subjected to aggressive ground friction
F One Kite 2018 Tech Kevlar Reinforcement On Leading Edge
Easier to remove and put back.Convenient for bladder replacement.
F One Bandit 2018 Tech One Pump Collar Valve
F-One have built their kites for 20 years in the most state-of-the-art cloth from Teijin’s factory in Japan.
They have developed the best technologies and quality material for the kites over the years. Teijin has worked on a few major developments with the double Ripstop on the canopy cloth and durability treatments.
The kite industry was lacking choice of cloth density. Kites could be build with a 52 gr per square meter for the canopy and about 160 gr for the leading edge, strut and reinforcements. Having only two choices was not easy because on some parts the 52 gr was too light and the 160 gr too heavy.
After developments and tests with Teijin F-One can now use a new Dacron 130 gr double Ripstop on the 2020 kites.
By using that new 130 gr cloth, F-One have saved weight while keeping an excellent strength. The new BANDIT 2021 is more reactive and of course feels lighter, which is particularly important for the bigger sizes, in the light wind or for the turning speed during kite-loops.

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Abyss / Flame, Glacier / Abyss


6 m², 7 m², 8 m², 9 m², 10 m², 11 m², 12 m²