Manera Board Bags

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Manera built bags to resist and protect better than others. Here is a special premium range of board-bags designed for each type of board for kite, foil and surf:


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The Manera special board-bags

Prorider shop Manera Surf Compact Kamchatka Boat 2020

The Manera Twintip-board Bags

This twin-tip bag is light, durable, and fits any size of boards on the market. It is also suitable for boards with straps.

The Manera Foil-board Bags

  • Pocket 4’3″ Bag
  • Foil 5’3″ Bag

The Foil-board bags comes with a different entry system: It is designed to be able to protect the board while the mast is attached. It features a high protective foam and we used velcros instead of zipper so the board doesn’t get damaged.

Very handy when you have to assemble your foil on concrete and you need a protective mattress.

The Manera Compact and Surf-board Bags

  • Compact 5’3″ Bag
  • Surf 5’6″ Bag
  • Surf 6’0″ Bag

The Compact and Surf-board bags are light & durable, it fits 5’3 and under, 5’6 and under or 6’0 and under. They are well adapted to the compact modern shapes, it features an YKK nylon zipper and high protective foam.


Twin-tip150 x 55 cm1.0 kg
Pocket 4'3" 135 x 55 cm0.9 kg
Foil 5'3" 165 x 55 cm1.1 kg
Compact 5'3" 165 x 56 cm1.1 kg
Surf 5'6"170 x 55 cm1.2 kg
Surf 6'0" 180 x 60 cm1.2 kg


Manera Boardbag Pocket 4 3 SilhouetteKey features

1 - Polyester 600D
2 - YKK zippers
3 - Velcros
1 - Polyester 600D
Manera bags are built in premium Polyester 600D, this is a choc, tearing, UV and water resistant material.
It guarantees the best durability to our products.
Prorider shop Manera Boardbag 747 600d Premium
2 - YKK zippers
Manera uses heavy-duty 8mm YKK zippers to avoids any crack, corrosion, and allow a fluid run every time you open/close the bag.
It's built in a high-quality plastic. It avoids any crack, corrosion, and allow a fluid run every time you open/close the bag.
Prorider shop Manera Boardbag 747 Technos Zipper Chubby
3 - Velcros
The FOIL bags work with a central slot, which allows the board to enter without having to disassemble the foil. We use velcros instead of zippers to avoid any damage to the board or mast.
Prorider shop Manera Boardbag Foil 5 3 Technos Ouverture

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Twin-tip, Pocket 4'3", Foil 5'3", Compact 5'3", Surf 5'6", Surf 6'0"


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