Where to kite when on Gokceada island in Turkey? The spots for kiting are quite varied in the area, so every rider can find his happiness there:

Prorider Story Trip Turkey Gokceada On Shore Beach Bay 3

The Gokceada island on-shore wind bay

  • The “wave” spot is the beach with the on-shore wind. Where on the high forecast you get some exceptional waves for riding strapless. This is also the safe-spot. On a bay more than 2km long, you have a center with large and higher waves and less wavy on the side where the less advanced can also practice. So it gets a little crowded if you are not able to go upwind. Yet if you kite 20-30m from the shore, you are behind the waves and also behind the mass of kite surfers.

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  • The “wind-surfers” spot is the beach with the off-shore wind. There you can ride on a perfect flat. There is a boat you can hire for rescue and enjoy a beach with fewer kiters. It is also a more touristic and popular beach so the kite surfers have a 200m corridor only available for riding. They share the space with most wind-surfers and also tourists on vacation sunbathing.
  • To get an absolute private session on an empty beach – no civilians swimming or sunbathing but also no safety boat, there are “secret-spots” for kiting on some side-on-shore wind. Yet visiting those beaches is recommended only to experienced and independent or advanced riders.
Prorider Story Trip Turkey Gokceada Secret Spot Beach

Gokceada iskand “Secret Spot” Beach

  • To distract yourself, there is also an annual race organized by the local Turkish kite-school. On that event, a race between kiters sends them to compete starting from the on-shore beach circling the island to reach the off-shore beach. Then returning on foot through the island by the dunes.

For 3 months each year, we live on an Island, we open a kite camp, we enjoy nature, we kite… The good life! The ProRider kiteboarding school location in summer is at Gokceada in Turkey. This is our story about the best kite-spot in Est Europe…


Where to kite when in Gokceada?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Beach with on-shore wind & beach with off-shore wind, secret spots … All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


What kite-equipment to prepare?
Any kite-shops in the area? What to bring for the kite-vacation? How to prepare the trip to Turkey for kite and discovery?


What else do you need to know about the area?
How is the transport around and access to the kite-spot, food, drinks once you are there? What to do if not kiting? The night-life… You are planing a vacation after all!


Are you curious about life in Turkey?
Do you consider visiting the west-cost? What you need to plan your trip:
visa, passport, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, weather,…


As we mentioned in the beginning – the Gokceada island kite-spot is perfect because it offers choices for all the tastes – levels of advancement and types of riding.

The island offers pure freedom for all kitesurfers!

Prorider Story Trip Turkey Gokceada On Shore Beach Bay Full Of Kites

The Gokceada isaland on-shore wind bay