What kite-equipment to prepare? Various options are to be considered when you decide which kites to take:

Let us tell you about a kite day…
Your day can start with a wild strapless session. You practice some freestyle tricks or discover the bay while free-riding at midday. You enjoy an awesome foil-session in the afternoon. Then the wind picks up again at the end of the day to have a beautiful kite-ride by sunset.

  • If you have your gear: in summer small sizes of kites are mostly used on a strong-wind forecast vs. On a low-wind forecast  the medium to big sizes should be used. In the morning you get higher wind than in the afternoon too. Still, you need to take into consideration your abilities. You can check and follow the wind forecasts online for the period of your choice to come at your best prepared.
  • If you would like to rent a kite: you could subscribe to us. When you reach the island, we will be there and provide the proper gear you need while you stay. We represent and sell a notorious kite-brand, the equipment we rent is always the most recent and in perfect shape.
  • If you are interested in kite lessons: again you can subscribe to our kite-school. This is a very safe spot to learn how to kite. Join us for your kite-holiday. Have an adventure at an exotic island near Europe where you discover both: the extraordinary delights of Tukey and the best sport that is kite-boarding.
  • If you are interested in buying: you can start by checking our online store here. To buy a kite in Turkey would be like to buy from anywhere in the world – second hand, only if you try it first. Be careful with those who sell their old kites, there must be a reason for the sale.

Note! about the kite-shops

The interesting fact about Gokceada island as kite-spot: there are no kite-shops. You can buy from the kite-schools or other kiters on the beach. There is a “repair-shop” at the beach. Also, all the brands are represented, so you may find help for accessories too…

Prorider in Turkey Gokceada Island Repair Shop

Gokceada island beach F-one repair shop

What to bring for the trip? The kite-equipment being set, you still need to think about what to wear?

  • If you plan your summer holiday to an exotic destination in July or August: board-shorts and lycra may be enough. A short neopren maybe 2 mm wetsuit is a maximum you should pack if you are skinny and easy to get cold. And remember to take your cap and sunglasses!
  • If you schedule your vacation when there are fewer tourists like in May – June or later September – October: water is still warm, but you can get a little chilly from the wind above the water. We recommend 2mm – 3mm – 5mm long neoprene depending on how sensible you are and how advanced are your skills.
  • If you are a beginner and you spend more time in the water than above, you should always bring a wetsuit, helmet and impact vest for sure. It is for your protection and well-being.
  • About the accessories: we always appreciate a poncho, a towel, some flip-flops, and a shade.
  • About the general cloths: whatever you wear on a summer vacation and however you feel the most comfortable. You are going to a windy island; you may bring something to cover.

Note! About foot-wear and sand…

Water shoes or socks are not needed. The sand is clean of shells. It is when you walk outside that you may need protection as there are some spiny bushes on the dunes.

Prorider Story Trip Turkey Gokceada Island Kitesurf School F One Foil 3

Gokceada island beach with on-shore wind – view from behind the bushes

For 3 months each year, we live on an Island, we open a kite camp, we enjoy nature, we kite… The good life! The ProRider kiteboarding school location in summer is at Gokceada in Turkey. This is our story about the best kite-spot in Est Europe…


Where to kite when in Gokceada?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Beach with on-shore wind & beach with off-shore wind, secret spots … All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


Where to kite when in Gokceada?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Beach with on-shore wind & beach with off-shore wind, secret spots … All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


What else do you need to know about the area?
How is the transport around and access to the kite-spot, food, drinks once you are there? What to do if not kiting? The night-life… You are planing a vacation after all!


Are you curious about life in Turkey?
Do you consider visiting the west-cost? What you need to plan your trip:
visa, passport, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, weather,…