Some general information and pieces of advice about this destination: budget-wise… if you are looking for a cheap exotic vacation destination. As it is easy to reach by car from Europe, the road is good. Gokceada Island in Turkey is the best choice to be on a budget for a couple or a family.

Do you consider visiting Turkey? This is what you need to know to plan your trip: weather, visa and passport requirements, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, …

... as Conclusion!

The Public Notice From the General Directorate of Civil Aviation
Instructions for the procedures and operations of unmanned air vehicle systems“: HERE

What should you be aware of?

Not To Do NOTE! about local customs

Turkish people have traditional culture. Today they accepted the west-European influence of a more liberate behavior in public. Holding hands and discreet kisses are allowed in the street.
But! If you visit a highly religious place (like a mosque or ancient site), or you are to a more remote place (like a small city or lost village), please restrain yourself from showing intimacy in public.
Also, clothes should be covering your knees and shoulders.

West-cost meteorological conditions:

  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Temperatures of the air: hot summer min 20°C – max 35°C, wet fresh winter min 5°C – max 15°C
  • Temperatures of the water: June to September 22°C – 24°C; December to March ~15°C the coolest;
  • Seasons: spring – summer – autumn – winter are soft.

When to go discover the country? Summer is high season and it is also warmer. Yet our adventures bring us to Turkey all year long. The weather is always good only the flow of people is less intense in spring and autumn.

We are kite-adventurers we go on a forecast and the crowd is there. When we go off-season we discover such a peaceful and warm-welcoming place. We enjoy some delicious food and the company of good friends.

Are you curious about visiting Turkey? Here is some helpful information and advises:

  • Visa: is not needed for European citizens (INFO HERE) if you stay less than 90 days.
  • Passport should be valid a minimum of 6 months on the date of arrival at the Turkish border.
  • What is the best time to visit Turkey? If it is only for tourism consider how crowded you like it to be. For kite (just check our Stories-section) to be aware of the season.
  • Cheap flights to Istanbul, Izmir or Canakkale: follow the offers at Turkish Airlines; Air France, Tarom or Pegasus. Prices start at 100€ and some companies include sport-luggage for free.
  • Transport: public transport is reliable. The buses are new and comfortable. The national road infrastructure is super good and for free. The highway you pay and it is almost the same in time. To rent a car from the airport could also be an option if you are not arriving on your own from your home destination.
  • Accommodations: we can help in Gokceada; for a round-trip inside the country you can trust “booking”® & “AirBnb”®. The sea-cost is famous for all the all-inclusive offers from hotels. There are a lot of choices and it depends on your budget.
  • Cash: there are ATM-cash machines everywhere. There are a lot of banks in Turkey. Also to pay with card is possible in all stores and restaurants – you are covered.
  • The cost of living is low as in not expensive for European tourists since the devaluation of the Turkish-lira in 2018.
  • It is safe! People are friendly and warm welcome.

NB! Dear Adventure-seekers, if we missed something, please ask us about it. We are reachable online everywhere. We would love to share the information and help!

Please do contact us with more questions. Even better, come join us on a kite camp, we would love to show you around. This is the best place to go kite and we hope you’ll love it at least half as we do!

What are the kite conditions? When is the best time to go kite? What dangers to expect? Some spot statistics of the west-cost area follows in the paragraph


Where to kite when in Gokceada?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Beach with on-shore wind & beach with off-shore wind, secret spots … All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


What kite-equipment to prepare?
Any kite-shops in the area? What to bring for the kite-vacation? How to prepare the trip to Turkey for kite and discovery?


What else do you need to know about the area?
How is the transport around and access to the kite-spot, food, drinks once you are there? What to do if not kiting? The night-life… You are planing a vacation after all!


For 3 months each year, we live on an Island, we open a kite camp, we enjoy nature, we kite… The good life! The ProRider kiteboarding school location in summer is at Gokceada in Turkey. This is our story about the best kite-spot in Est Europe…