Kitesurfers on vacation!

Is it time to rest? From kite-boarding to no kite-boarding, let us tell you everything there is about Gokceada island.

What else do you need to know?

  • Access the kite-spot from the mainland is easy. You take a ferry (scheduled every 2h in summer and with online reservation in advance) for 1h from the Eceabat. The main road from the harbor to the city (5km) is like a highway. From the main city “Gokceada” to “Eselek” the village near the kite spot (12km) the road is a 2-way high-speed national road;
  • Transport around the island: if you do not have a car, options for rent a car (150 TL/day), a scooter (60 TL/day) or a bicycle (20 TL/day) are available from the main city. To rely on the local bus or hitchhiking are also common mean to move from the beach to the nearest village or to get to the city;

And from the village to the “wave-spot” beach, you drive on a smaller still good road for 1km. The beach is hard-sand and easy to drive even with a small car. Campers, caravans, all-type wheels are parked directly behind the dunes of the kite spot.

And from the village to the “wind-surf” beach, you drive on the smaller still good road for 2km. the beach is under a cliff, so you get to the parking and then you walk the final mile on foot on the sand.

  • Accommodations: hotel or guest room or camping? The offers are variable and depend on your budget. The conditions are good. We can help to book a place to stay on Gokceada island any time, any season;
  • Food & drinks at the kite-spot are available: there is the local Turkish kite-school that offers refreshments, meals, shower, and toilets at modest prices. Also if you drive back 1 km, you get to the village of “Eselek” where you find delicious local restaurants and small shops with refreshments too.
  • Party? The nightlife in Gokceada is not the most developed. At the “off-shore” beach you can find beach-bars with awesome music and cocktails. If motivated to reach the city, there are more noisy places, restaurants, homemade desserts, tea, and ice-cream. From there, at the old harbor, you reach the “party-mecca” of the island, where you will enjoy some life-music, nice restaurants, and souvenir shops.

What else can you do if not kiteboarding? If no-wind or if you want to explore different entertainment:

  • Scuba diving is also happening in the area;
  • Snorkeling in a small bay near the old harbor;
  • Fishing in the lakes in the center of the island;
  • Spearfishing is not allowed except if accompanied by a local guide (we know a guy);
  • Stand-up paddling in the open sea on still water offers the opportunity to reach the secret spots by the sea. It is a great way to chill and relax and still be in the water;
  • Wind-surfing is always present where the kite is, so if you want to try – you are welcome to have that different ride of the wind too.
  • If sight-seeing is what you seek? You should know Gokceada is a border island that is also known by its Greek name “Imroz” (Island of the wind) because before becoming Turk, it was part of the Greek archipelago. So there are Greek villages on one side of the island and some ancient historical sites you may be curious to discover…
  • If it is a more romantic experience you need?

There are 2 famous sunset-spots – one being above the old harbor it is also the most visited. The other invites you to go above the Greek villages and trough the mountain to reach a small site where you can have tea and some local food with an exceptional view of the sea…

Inside the island, there are hidden waterfalls and inaccessible beaches you can go for a daily trip. So an adventure in the unknown could bring you to some extraordinary hidden places.

  • Whenever you fill bored, you can always go for some Shopping and Hammam in Canakkale. The ticket for the ferry from Gokceada to Canakkale is the same price as the one to Eceabat.

For 3 months each year, we live on an Island, we open a kite camp, we enjoy nature, we kite… The good life! The ProRider kiteboarding school location in summer is at Gokceada in Turkey. This is our story about the best kite-spot in Est Europe…


What are the kite conditions? When is the best time to go kite? What dangers to expect? Some spot statistics of the west-cost area follows in the paragraph


Where to kite when in Gokceada?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Beach with on-shore wind & beach with off-shore wind, secret spots … All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


What kite-equipment to prepare?
Any kite-shops in the area? What to bring for the kite-vacation? How to prepare the trip to Turkey for kite and discovery?


Are you curious about life in Turkey?
Do you consider visiting the west-cost? What you need to plan your trip:
visa, passport, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, weather,…