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We’re as happy as you when we get it back in the “oversized bags” area of the airport and everything inside is safe. That is why the Manera bags are built to resist and protect better than others.

Color : Orange / Blue ; Brown
Sizes : 218 cm

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The paddle cover protects your blade efficiently while being lightweight and small. Easy to use and store, it’s necessary if you want to keep a blade in good condition.

The paddle bag can fit up to ten paddles, this bag is used by our pro riders and ambassadors to protect their paddles in any conditions. This bag will be the weapon of choice to protect paddles and blades in a roadtrip or even in the plane.


1 - Premium600D
2 - Tarpaulin
3 - Airvent system
Double gallonMost of the boardbags are stitched with one gallon joining the top and bottom parts all around. Having used many boardbags Manera-team realized this joint is a sensible area, and it needs the best construction to resist.

On all boardbags, Manera stitch a first gallon all around the top part, then stitch a second gallon all around the bottom part, to finish they stitch both gallon together. This is a long, expensive process but it assures their boardbags will be the most durable possible.
Airvent system
The AIRVENT RUBBER SYSTEM lets the boardbag breath and evacuate moisture and bad smells.
Being confined in a wet, salty boardbag is clearly not a good situation. As Manera love your boards and gear, they would like it to be ventilated: they developped the Airvent rubber system to let the boardbag breath and evacuate moisture and bad smells.
Premium 600D and Tarpaulin
The technologies and materials featured in this range will make these boardbags your best travelling friends for years, because boardbags share all your trips around the world. They are the tools, the devices and the witnesses.
Premium 600D
Manera chose the highest quality grade of Polyester 600D so their boardbags will perform the tracks of many trips.
The Tarpaulin panel offers durability and waterproofness, its soft and technical style make the design aesthetic and modern.


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Orange / Blue, Brown


218 cm