Prorider scoala kiteboard curs Gokceada
For 3 months each year, we live on an Island, we open a kite camp, we enjoy nature, we kite… The good life! The ProRider kiteboarding school location in summer is at Gokceada in Turkey. This is our story about the best kite-spot in Est Europe…









Kitesurf in Gökceada, Turkey...

Do you plan kitesurfing holidays in Turkey? Would you like to visit west Turkey? We can meet you there. We have a kite school on a small boarder island near Greece. Our kite camp is open all summer long. We live on the beach and enjoy a simple life. The ProRider – George has been spending his summers on that Turkish island since 2008. Since that time some friendships have been built and every year we return we feel more at home.

Kite-surfing did raise as a sport for the past 15 years so it will be the first extreme watersport to be included in the Olympic Games in 2024 as a permanent discipline! So did rise Gokceada to become one notorious place to kite… This is a perfect kite-spot for so many reasons. Here we will tell you just a few. If you are kite-surfer you should consider go, see and discover all the rest for yourself!

What are the kite conditions? When is the best time to go kite? What dangers to expect? Some spot statistics of the west-cost area follows in the paragraph


Where to kite when in Gokceada?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Beach with on-shore wind & beach with off-shore wind, secret spots … All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


What kite-equipment to prepare?
Any kite-shops in the area? What to bring for the kite-vacation? How to prepare the trip to Turkey for kite and discovery?


What else do you need to know about the area?
How is the transport around and access to the kite-spot, food, drinks once you are there? What to do if not kiting? The night-life… You are planing a vacation after all!


Are you curious about life in Turkey?
Do you consider visiting the west-cost? What you need to plan your trip:
visa, passport, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, weather, etc.