What else do you need to know?

  • Transport from Colombo to Kalpitiya: we know a guy πŸ˜‰ a friend and reliable driver (70$ / car for 5 pers.), also you can find at the airport on arrival or negotiate with your accommodation manager;
  • Accommodations: hotel or resort or villa? The longer you stay, the better the price is. The offers are variable and depend on your budget. The conditions are good. We can help to book a place to stay in Kalpityia any time, any season (MORE INFO HERE).
  • Access the kite-spot in Kalpitiya: we know a guy πŸ˜‰ to rent a scooter ($5.5 / day) or a tuk-tuk ($14 / day) is the best option for mobility in the area. The price also can be lowered if you rent for a longer period (>3 weeks). And to reach the islands – you rent a boat (~75$ / boat for 6 pers.)
  • Food & drinks at the kite-spot are available: most of the permanent kite-schools have a spot on the shore of the lagoon where they offer water and refreshment drinks, an ice-cream-man and an ice-cream-tuk-tuk pass by very often, another tuk-tuk passes by with fresh coconuts to drink, some local donuts can satiate your hunger until you get a real meal.
  • Party? The nightlife in Kalpitiya is not the most developed. Some resorts have a bar with awesome music and cocktails. You will fill like home (prices being also like at the disco’).

What else can you do if not kiting?

  • A wake-park will open soon on a small private lagoon near the kite spot.
  • A safari in the Wilpattu National Park is a very interesting activity if you are curious to meet the local inhabitants of the non-human kind.
  • A safari on the water to see the dolphins and/or whales is also a particular experience to add to the bucket list if you are ready to wake up and leave very early in the morning.
  • Scuba diving is also happening in the area.
  • Wind-surfing is always present where the kite is, so if you want to try – you are welcome to have that different ride of the wind too.
  • Touristic destinations to discover in a day trip are just 3-4h drive (by tuk-tuk or bus). You may reach ancient sites like Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa or Kandy. (We have a story with more details you can check!)

When everybody in Europe dreams of sunny beaches and hot weather, the Prorider team suffer from heat and mosquito-bites.Yet let’s go kite! This is our story about the kite-spot in exotic Sri Lanka…


What are the kite conditions?
When is the best time to go kite? What dangers to expect? Some spot statistics of the whole Kalpitiya area follows in the paragraph…


Where to kite when in Kalpitiya?
The choice is wide: from perfect flat – choppy – waves… Secret spots – islands, lagoons, the ocean… All levels and all styles combined: it is a perfect spot!


What kite-equipment to prepare?
Any kite-shops in the area? What to bring for the kite-vacation? How to prepare the trip to Sri Lanka for kite and discovery?


Are you curious about life in Sri Lanka?
Do you consider visiting the island? What you need to plan your trip to Ceylon:
weather, visa, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, street behavior


We have more information available:

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