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Every Christmas since 2014, we search for presents under a coconut-tree instead of a pine. Are you curious about life in Sri Lanka or considering visiting Sri Lanka? We will tell you a story about a real place that brings magic in our lives.

Today, the adventure spirit is defined by being always active and going different places. We are kite surfers indeed we do that too. We are curious to know the wide world that we are so lucky to live in. Also, when a place fills like home – we would like to come back to it and resource ourselves from the positive energy in it. This is how no matter what happens. We go for a month of kiting in Sri Lanka. Every year around Christmas and until after New Year’s Eve we have a tropical home address. We love Sri Lanka so here is a story that would tell you why?


Are there direct flights to Colombo Sri Lanka? Yes, probably from India. To reach that small paradise on Earth from Europe always has a mid stop (Doha; Dubai; Istanbul … take a guess which Airlines we fly with?). So when you arrive at Colombo’s International Airport after a short 10 to 15 hours of air adventures. It is a delightful surprise to hear some light melody of traditional music while walking across the hallway in direction of the Passport-control. Soon you discover it is a live-band welcoming new arrivals. This is when you may also notice that even if tired everybody is smiling and relaxed.

It is a good place that airport. For start comparison – it is OK to exchange money there. The rates are the same as would be everywhere else. So go for it. In the same line of thoughts, it is practical to buy a local SIM. You only need a passport and to charge some money in it. This way you can use local data-traffic to stay in touch with your close ones with only invested amount of the price of the telephone-card. Before even getting out of the airport, you are all set – cash and communication being assured. If you need a ride, you can also find or if you trust our recommendation – we know a guy too! All set? We pass by the department store to check the latest in washing machines, fridges or an oven. What else would you need to start the adventure?

...the locals

Are people for real? Yes, they are. No matter what time it is; no matter where you are; no matter who you are… Sri Lankan citizens are always traditionally well acquainted. Women have beautiful “sari” and men wear “sarong” (which is like a man-skirt but it is extremely classy) as a sign of respect. They will smile because this is a form of politeness and good manners. They will be honest and helpful with all their heart, even if they do not know – they will try to help you.

And this is how you drive on a scooter for over 3h while searching for an animal / veterinary pharmacy or doctor, to arrive in the next city 50km away. On the way, in every village where you stop every 2-3km – they did not have. They want to help, so they send you to the next one where they may have? You ride until you arrive somewhere where they really do. Finally, they helped even if they did not literally answer your question. This is how they are and this is how it is. Sri Lankan people are nice people with big hearts that offer you love by sending you in a “random” direction that reveals itself being the good direction. You need to have patience and hope.

This is an adventure after all!

...the traffic







Tuk-tuk ride in the city...

So how is the traffic? Ah! Yes, the traffic is Sri-Lankan too. Let’s start with a note: there is no highway road in Sri Lanka. The traffic is as dense as on the highway only driving on a national two-way road. Also, being an ex-Britain colony, the traffic is reversed, so it looks a little messy, speedy and extreme. They are so much in a rush, but aren’t we all? For someone that is not used, it may look chaotic and dangerous.

Participants are driving from the smallest vehicles (like a scooter or a tuk-tuk), then normal cars (still mostly Toyota and mainly hybrids in that poor country lost in the sea) to big colorful buses with doors open and people hanging outside. Yes! It is like in the movies. Only when you trust your driver – everything is going well and impressively he brings you to your destination safe, sane and with a huge smile. They are home and this is usual and most of all this is the only way of driving they know. So stay cool & enjoy the ride. Usually, we ask the driver to stop at some local restaurant with good traditional food or on the side of the road for fresh fruits. Miam!

Curious to learn some more, about:

When we visit Sri Lanka we choose local restaurants curious to discover unknown flavors.
What do Sri Lankan people eat? Do they drink? How about their shopping habits?


When we visit Sri Lanka there are so many places to go: we always plan a tuk-tuk-trip inside the island, some kite-surf on the ocean and a safari! Let’s share some ideas…


When we visit Sri Lanka we enjoy the country. We love the peace between religions, we ignore their political fights, we help their economy by being there. Just saying…


Are you curious about life in Sri Lanka? Do you consider visiting the island? What you need to plan your trip to Ceylon:
weather, visa, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, street behavior


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Prorider scoala kiteboard aventura Sri Lanka

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