Prorider Sup Trip Rent A Sup Equipment

To stay at home is getting boring. As soon as you could you probably would go out for a break in Nature. Vacation is approaching.

If you are a surfer of the wind but there is no wind, the water is calm and the weather is warm, you can still go on the water for a ride. It is time for stand-up paddling when kite-boarding is not possible.

Proriders & Riders to be Pro’,

Here follows some useful information to take into consideration before you rent a S.U.P.:

None, you do not need to know how to paddle standing up before you start stand-up paddling. You start kneeing until you manage to balance your weight and then you stand up and continue paddling. It is an awesome feeling of freedom once you just look upfront and decide where to go.


  • To be healthy and in good physical condition is for your safety.
  • Knowing how to swim is not mandatory as you get a lifeguard vest, but it can be practical to help others.
  • You should love water and not be afraid of getting wet!

A classical all-around paddleboard should do the work. If you are preparing for a competition it is a touring or a race stand-up paddleboard that you need.

To choose a paddle you should know the lightest the better.

To rent a SUP-board is a simple choice if you are planning a vacation and you would like to have a distraction activity on the water. Since it is easy to learn, children can have fun and it can offer you an opportunity to discover nature from a different angle and in perfect quiet.

You can rent for a day, a weekend, or a whole week – you can enjoy some romantic escape or a family vacation without thinking where to store it for the rest of the year.

A stand-up paddle trip would be a very nice distraction after a long period of resting home. You, your partner, your family will enjoy a small vacation in Nature. Some good weather is announced or you have more concrete plans, just reach out to rental-service and subscribe in advance. To plan the availability and offer you the best choice guarantees a better experience for you.

Let’s consider where are you going? You can rent from your home-town or at arrival on your destination:

  • On the sea-side: all kite-schools or other surf facilities usually also have stand-up paddles;
  • In the city: local dealer brands kitesurfing, windsurf or any surf also sell stand-up paddles;

Whoever is selling may also be renting stand-up paddleboard equipment.

We are the dealer for F-One in Romania. We also have a kite school based in Romania but located in Turkey in summer and in Sri Lanka in winter. We offer the possibility to all our students to enjoy some stand-up paddling on less windy days.

We do offer the possibility to rent-a-SUP to every person curious to have a ride.


We also organize special stand-up paddle trips for a day near the city of Bucharest. A detoxication of stress and noise helps you escape the reality of the city. It is a perfect combination of an adventure and light sport activity in nature in one day. Check some more information here!

Let’s recap!

Where? When? How long would you like to rent? Dates are fixed and the choice of equipment is set. Let us give a last piece of advice:

Please do not negotiate the price!

As the renting price is a balanced formula between the assumption the person is going to use it the best way he can and the risk of damage. There is no insurance, only a cost to buy and a cost to repair. If repairing is not possible the price to replace with new is to be covered by the one who destroyed it.

Please be careful and be respectful!

In our kite-school, we care most about the person to be safe while riding and to enjoy the time on the water. This is why we also care about the equipment. To make sure you have the best time and to be confident the next time we use the gear, the next person will be safe too. We would like them to have a good experience as you just did. You get the idea, right?

Once you rent a S.U.P., you will sign a paper – a disclaimer to remind you of your responsibilities and a proof that you read the contract!

Everything should be official and transparent like honest people do.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have additional questions! We are always happy to help.