Prorider Shop Exposition Cum a fost la Snow Show 2011

NB! This article was originally published in 2011 in Romanian language.

And it was Snow Show! And we would have wished you were there, because we felt great!

We thought it was a good opportunity to air all the “returns” from our store and we did well because the snow seems to be still far away. So we presented ourselves with the entire F-One range: we displayed the surf boards, the twintip boards, and the 6mp Bandit stood squarely on the roof.

As the snow was not, neither was the wind, I only made good all the details for the snow-kite camps at Muntele Mic and Sinaia together with the new ones, for when we had them all.

And, that is, summer – sleigh and winter – car, so we exposed the collections of wheels 2012: MBS mountain-boards and long-boards. We enjoyed the generous and smooth space inside the fair and tried them right there, between stands. I have proven with this opportunity that you can also paddle on the ground, all you need is a Big Stick along with a longboard. The delight of the fair consisted of a green Mini-Retroh that made both the small and the big ones feel. Of all, however, the most worked were the mountainboards: the guys from the Military Crew visited us every day of the fair offering a show to the passers-by.

It was an event where we told, planned, shared smiles, what more – an event that we enjoyed very much! And once again we have been shown that adrenaline does not take into account the season!