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With The Prorider Team

Here are the details of our kitesurf learning program with our certified instructor with IKO and TYF.


The duration of course is approximate depending on the student’s knowledge, the weather conditions during the course, but also the spot configuration – landscape relief, hills, trees or electric cables etc. So keep calm and let it happen!


Discovery kiter

Intermediate kiter  

Independent kiter  

Advanced kiter


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Minimum Age

12 years

12 years

12 years

12 years

Minimum Weight

20 kg

20 kg

20 kg

20 kg

Mountain – board skills
Not needed
Not needed
Not needed
Not needed
Snow – board skills
Duration of course





Certification level

L 1A

L 2F

L 3J

L 4

Skills acquisition:

Acknowledgement of the environment

Where is the wind coming from?

Assessment holding (wind orientation)

Carrying a kite

Securing a kite

Kite set up on land and presentation of safety systems

1st approach with a trainer kite

Right-Of-Way rules introduction

Steady-pull exercise

Kite piloting for start

Body-positioning for start

Control riding speed by edging with the board

Maintaining course direction

Controlled stop

Basic jump


Jump with grab

International kite-boarding signs & R-O-W



Certification level

L 1B


L 3K

Skills acquisition:

Pre-flight check

Wind window

Basic flying skill

Safety system use


Riding upwind

R-O-W – rules practices

Certification level

L 1C


L 3L

Skills acquisition:

International kite boarding signs

Launching & landing as an assistant

Explore the wind window’s edge

Let go of the bar!

Twist & untwist the lines


Switching directions

Sliding transitions

Certification level

L 1D


L 3M

Skills acquisition:

Flying with 1hand

Trim discovery

Walking & flying the kite

Launching & landing the kite


Toe-side riding

Toe-side turn

Certification level

L 1E


L 3N

Skills acquisition:

In flight quick release activation


Equipment packing and maintenance


Self-launching theory

Self-launching exercise


Our school is opened all year long

The Prorider Kite-School offers kite-lessons with professional instructor accredited from the International Kite-boarding Organization (IKO) and the Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF) for Turkey.

Land-kiting Snow-kiting Kite-boarding

Our Kite-Instructor Certification: