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With The Prorider Team

The kite-school program follows the IKO ® standards of training:


The duration of course is approximate depending on the student’s knowledge, the weather conditions during the course, but also the spot configuration – landscape relief, hills, trees or electric cables etc. So keep calm and let it happen!


Discovery kiter

Intermediate kiter  

Independent kiter  

Advanced kiter


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Minimum Age

12 years

12 years

12 years

12 years

Minimum Weight

20 kg

20 kg

20 kg

20 kg

Mountain – board skills
Not needed
Not needed
Not needed
Not needed
Snow – board skills
Duration of course





Certification level

L 1A

L 2F

L 3J

L 4

Skills acquisition:

Acknowledgement of the environment

Where is the wind coming from?

Assessment holding (wind orientation)

Carrying a kite

Securing a kite

Kite set up on land and presentation of safety systems

1st approach with a trainer kite

Right-Of-Way rules introduction

Steady-pull exercise

Kite piloting for start

Body-positioning for start

Control riding speed by edging with the board

Maintaining course direction

Controlled stop

Basic jump


Jump with grab

International kite-boarding signs & R-O-W



Certification level

L 1B


L 3K

Skills acquisition:

Pre-flight check

Wind window

Basic flying skill

Safety system use


Riding upwind

R-O-W – rules practices

Certification level

L 1C


L 3L

Skills acquisition:

International kite boarding signs

Launching & landing as an assistant

Explore the wind window’s edge

Let go of the bar!

Twist & untwist the lines


Switching directions

Sliding transitions

Certification level

L 1D


L 3M

Skills acquisition:

Flying with 1hand

Trim discovery

Walking & flying the kite

Launching & landing the kite


Toe-side riding

Toe-side turn

Certification level

L 1E


L 3N

Skills acquisition:

In flight quick release activation


Equipment packing and maintenance


Self-launching theory

Self-launching exercise


Our school is opened all year long

The Prorider Kite-School offers kite-lessons with professional instructor accredited from the International Kite-boarding Organization (IKO) and the Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF) for Turkey.

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