Are you curious about life in Sri Lanka? Do you consider visiting Sri Lanka? This is what you need to know to plan your trip to Ceylon: weather, visa, flights, cash, transport, accommodation, drone-regulation, street behavior…

... as Conclusion!

The Public Notice about the
Suspension of Operation of Pilotless Aircraft including Drones” : HERE

What could we complain about? Aside no drones allowed! Well, we do stay near a lagoon and where is water there are mosquitoes. So we have to admit, that if you are not a bug-lover, you may not appreciate the presence of that many insects around. Others may say it is dirty. But compared to European city-pollution, we would say dust from the roads is nothing. Some more delicate souls may also be missing the hot water at 30°C because the shower is with mostly sun-heated water… But being in a tropical country, it is the perfect temperature to refresh you. And the whole experience is fun.

Not To Do NOTE! about local customs

For all of you romantic souls in love and envious to visit Sri Lanka with your better half: remember not to hold hands in public places! Well, intimacy is something that should stay private to the couple in Sri Lanka. So they don’t do that like we do in Europe ;)!

Meteorological conditions:

  • Climate: tropical
  • Temperatures: min 20° – max 35°
  • Seasons: from December to October it is dry & rain in November.

When to go discover the island? Except if you decide to visit Sri Lanka in November, the rest of the year the weather is hot. The air is humid since you are on the Tropics. So the mood is summer even in winter. Enjoy!

Here we are kite-adventurers in love with a tropical country that calls us back every Christmas. We receive such a worm welcome, we would like to stay longer. We eat at local restaurants, we keep low budget. We travel with tuk-tuk and scooters; we have a lot of fun. We learn so much about history, we would like to transfer it to more people. We see such beautiful landscapes; we would like to admire them forever. We kite – perfect for discovering, for improving skills, for free-ride… This is the best place. It is a nice filling to participate to everyday life in Sri Lanka even if just for a while.

We travel 8600 km away and we arrive home.

Are you curious about life in Sri Lanka or considering visiting Sri Lanka? Here are some main advises:

  • Visa: free, still an online application to fill is needed (INFO HERE);
  • What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka? It depends on the activity. If it is only tourism, just avoid November. If you are also into sports – for surf (there are some cool spots and a lot of information on the internet); for kite (just check our Stories-section) to be aware of the season.
  • Cheap flights from Bucharest to Colombo: follow the offers Qatar; Turkish Airlines; FlyDubai to find the best price to fly to Sri Lanka starting at 500$.
  • Accommodations: we can help in Kalpityia; for a round-trip inside the island you can trust “booking”® & “AirBnb”®. The conditions of stay are quite good and can be better depending on your budget.
  • Transport: public transport is reliable, also hire a driver is a possibility (we can help you with) rent a tuk-tuk or scooter to be more independent would be a good option too and there is even “Über”-tuk-tuk in the Colombo area.
  • Cash: there are ATM-cash machines, there are a lot of banks in Sri Lanka – you are covered.
  • The cost of living is low as in not expensive, especially if you are open to less fancy restaurants. At local fast-food, you can have a very satisfying delicious yet spicy meal for $3. Alcohol is the expensive one: beer starts at $3 too!
  • It is safe! People are friendly and warm welcome.

NB! Dear Adventure-seekers, if we missed something, please ask us about it. We would love to share the information and help!

Every Christmas since 2014, we search for presents under a coconut-tree instead of a pine. We will tell you a story about a real place that brings magic in our lives. The arrival, the people, the traffic, here is the beginning…


When we visit Sri Lanka we choose local restaurants curious to discover unknown flavors.
What do Sri Lankan people eat? Do they drink? How about their shopping habits?


When we visit Sri Lanka there are so many places to go: we always plan a tuk-tuk-trip inside the island, some kite-surf on the ocean and a safari! Let’s share some ideas…


When we visit Sri Lanka we enjoy the country. We love the peace between religions, we ignore their political fights, we help their economy by being there. Just saying…


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