MBS Comp 95 MountainBoard

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The MBS Comp 95 is the most versatile board, suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners looking for a board they won’t outgrow to seasoned riders pushing the boundaries of the sport daily. Kiters and mountainboarders agree, with this year’s Comp 95 being both the strongest and the lightest version ever produced there has never been a better time to join the Comp 95 club.

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MBS Comp 95 Mountain-board

This year’s Comp 95 proudly boasts MBS’ newly engineered Matrix II trucks, the complete redesign of MBS’ cornerstone Matrix channel trucks, which are lighter, stronger, and smoother carving than any channel truck to date. The Comp 95 deck features MBS’ new multi-camber profile, and proprietary asymmetric concave, the poppiest and most comfortable deck shape you’ll ever step foot on. Other enhancements include an upgrade from Twistar hubs to MBS’ unbreakable Rock Star II hubs and the advancement to MBS’ F5 bindings which are stronger, more comfortable, and more adjustable than their F4 predecessors.


  • Powerlam composite Comp 95 deck with multi-camber and asymmetric concave.
  • Matrix II channel trucks with CrMo axles, alum hanger, and composite top truck. Strong and precise.
  • MBS ShockBlock truck suspension lets you dial in your turning resistance just the way you like it.
  • MBS’ F5 ratchet bindings with dual density foam offer maximum comfort and adjustability.
  • MBS RockStar II hubs with 8″ T3 tires are strong, true, and offer unparalleled traction on dirt.


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