Manera Boardshort Squareflex

495.00 lei cu TVA

The SQUARE-FLEX is our most technical board-short with core features such as lightness, flex, water-repelling surface and comfort.

It is built to be forgotten on water and to dry fast while on land.

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Manera Squareflex Board-short for 2023


Infos & Characteristics

Manera’s most technical board-short of the range is now built in coconut fibers!

Coconut is widely used in the food and cosmetic industries, and once the inner portion has been used, the shell is just thrown away.

They turned these coconut fibers into activated carbon, which happens to be a fantastic board-short material. (See the technologies below)

They use a PFOA/PFOS-free durable water repellent, as these chemicals are very persistent and harmful to the environment once released in the ocean.

– MID LEG 20″ –


Manera Squareflex Tech Silhouette

1 - Flexible
2 - Waterproof & Dries fast
3 - Strong and durable
Its 4-ways-stretch is worth just as much as any modern technical material out there.
The Squareflex will meet your every move.

The Square-flex skin offers an incredible stretch in a feather-weight material. It makes you forget you’re even wearing something and it’s hard to go back to a standard boardshort after trying something like this.
Recycling waste prevents the use for new raw material. Furthermore, coconut fibers are blended with recycled polyester to create a performing and eco-friendlier boardshort.

Manera Squareflex Tech Eco Friendly
Activated carbon doesn’t hold water; thus, the Squareflex dries fast and stays light and comfortable. The wet fabric doesn’t stick to your legs, which avoids rashes in unpleasant locations.

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All of our board-shorts receive the same ultra-performing hydrophobic treatment: They stay light while riding and dry fast while on land for ultimate comfort.
Prevents bad smell
One of activated carbon main properties is to prevent bad smells. Yes, even when stuffed for days in the back of your car.

Manera Squareflex Tech Good Smell

It puts an end to smelly boardshorts that you forgot for a “little” while without drying it first.
The coconut fibers blended with recycled Polyester create a very strong material that will follow you for many trips under the sun.

Our board-shorts are not made to spend the day by the swimming-pool. The coconut fibers blended with recycled Polyester create a very strong material that will follow you for many trips under the sun.

How to choose your Manera board-short?

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