Manera ARC Spreader bar

594.00 lei cu TVA

The Manera ARC Spreader Bar offers more freedom of movement and range of motion than the fixed hook.
It allows a smoother connection between the rider and his kite, really appreciated for foiling, surfing, strapless riding & snow/ski-kite.


Note! The spare parts are sold separately.

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Manera ARC Spreader Bar (with spare parts)

Infos & Characteristics

Featuring a precise and intuitive clip system, stiff Tuckflaps 2.0 and robust stainless-steel core, the ARC improves the comfort and support of our harnesses. Its ergonomic design feels like wearing nothing.

Delivered with our HALO harness, it is easy to switch from standard hook to sliding rope, and the rope is included with purchase.


Spare parts are sold separately (optional):

  • ARC – Sliding rope (24 cm; 28 cm; 32 cm) = 25 RON
  • ARC – SST Hook (x1) = 150 RON
  • ARC – Buckles (x2) = 150 RON



manera arc spreader barKEY FEATURES:

1 - Clip system
2 - SST core
3 - Tuckflaps 2.0
4 - Sliding / Hook

The ARC's clip system is locked once closed, allowing smooth and precise navigation without having any slack in the bar.
manera arc spreader bar
The ARC is a new generation spreaderbar developed to offer a more precise, comfortable navigation experience.

The ARC is constructed with a sturdy stainless steel core capable of withstanding loads of 800kg, which is well above normal kite standards.

The tuckflaps are now more rigid and directly molded with the spreaderbar. Once inserted into the harness, not only do they more efficiently prevent the bar from going up, but they also have an anti-compression feature which prevents kite power from folding the harness around your ribs.
manera arc spreader bar

The ARC is easily convertible between the standard hook and the sliding rope. The soft part on the back is easily removable with any flat tool, even a coin.
manera arc spreader bar
All sizes of ropes (24cm, 28cm, 32cm) are available to buy as spare parts.


Additional information




24cm (XS-S), 28cm (M-L), 32cm (XL-XXL)



Spare Parts

sliding rope, spare hook (1x), buckles (2x)

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