F-One Rocket Air SUP

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The inflatable F-One ROCKET AIR boards are ideal to start-off SUP foil in an easy and handy way. Inflatable boards offer high flying capabilities as well as a great versatility.

Best features:

  • Easy to store and carry when deflated
  • Dropstitch technology is light & stiff
  • More volume allows an easy & early take off
  • The durable and safe material makes it convenient on a boat


Having a lightweight construction, the F-One ROCKET AIR SUP offers an easy take-off and a very stable flying experience. They are developed following the same sizes & outlines as the rigid boards, the foil position is the same for a perfect balance.

  • The 6’11 is the most compact shape, while flying it allows the best maneuverability to carve the waves or a boat’s wake. It is only designed for foiling & includes a Tuttle box and a deck pad.
  • The 7’6 offers a more accessible alternative with a great flying potential and the possibility to use the board without foil. It is equipped with a Tuttle box, a 3 fins set-up and a complete deck pad.
  • The 7’11 is our renowned Swiss knife, it is able to Supfoil, Windfoil, Windsurf and Sup. It’s also a great board for kids! It is equipped with a Tuttle box, a 3 fins set-up, a complete deck pad and a mast base. The board shape is based on our Papenoo model and behaves like a real surf in the waves.

Besides being built in the highest quality dropstitch material and having great features, the ROCKET AIR SUP can be stored into a small bag to be easily brought on your next adventure.

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Dropstitch Tech.It is composed of a vertical stitch in-between the deck and the hull that keeps them parallel and extremely rigid. This allows a great stiffness so the F-One boards can be inflated up to 21 PSI.
Durable and SafeThe Rocket Air Boards are built and assembled in the best possible materials. Their "soft" structure make them perfect for beginners and a very handy product to carry on a boat as it won't damage anything.


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SizeDimensions Volume Construction Deck Inserts
6’11 x 28″211 x 71 cm136 LLeash ring
Tow ring
2x handles
Tuttle Box
7’6 x 30″229 x 71 cm168 LLeash ring
Tow ring
2x handles
3x soft fins + Tuttle
7’11 x 31″241 x 79 cm185 LMast foot M8 insert3x soft fins + Tuttle


Do you know how to waterstart with F-ONE SWING on a SUP board?

Here is the F-ONE SWING waterstart tutorial when using a Rocket Stand-Up-Paddle board.

  • Board: Rocket SUP 5’10 85L
  • Wing: 2.8 m2
  • Wind: 25kts


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6'11, 7'6, 7'11