F-One PACK TRAX HRD Carbon Series Board & Bindings & Fins

3,375.00 lei cu TVA

The F-One TRAX HRD Carbone Series board has a long heritage and is one of the most popular twin tips on the market. It is the ultimate free-ride and freestyle board with a unique feeling on the water, offering both speed and comfort. The HRD Rail plays a significant role in the way the board performs, and it sets it apart from everything else out there.

Special offer : package F-One TRAX HRD Carbon Series board with Bindings, Handle, Fins for FREE
  • Handle is with unique size
  • Fins = 50 mm




F-One TRAX HRD Carbon Series Board & F-One Bindings & F-one Fins

Special offer : package F-One board with Bindings, Handle, Fins for FREE

Detailed information about the products:

  • F-One Board TRAX HRD Carbon Series : HERE
  • F-One Twintip Handle : HERE
  • F-One Bindings Platinium3 : HERE
  • F-One Unibox Fins 50mm : HERE

Sizes of Boards

 Lite Tech Carbon Series
135 x 39 cm (!)2.9 kg (!)2.2 kg
136 x 40.5 cm (!)3.0 kg (!)2.3 kg
137 x 42 cm3.1 kg2.4 kg
140 x 45 cm3.2 kg2.5 kg
*Indicative values, may be subject to variations
(!) Lite Tech Girls only available in 2 sizes and NO carbon.

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Board Size

135 x 39 cm, 136 x 40.5 cm, 137 x 42 cm, 140 x 45 cm

Bindings Size


Fins Size

50 mm

Handle Size