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Jumătatea românească: George

The English half: Lina

Bună Prorideri și călăreți să fie Pro-!

Numele meu este George! În curând vă voi spune partea mea din poveste…

Hello PROriders and Riders to be Pro-!

My name is Lina, I am the non-speaking Romanian half of this Blog. I created this website in Romania even though my knowledge of that language is limited. This is why when you visit this awesome website in Romanian you discover our project troughs Google’s translation and interpretation of it (and we know it is weak!). So let me tell you how we’ve got here:

Where do I come from? I am a Master’s graduate in “Law and management” from a French university. I returned to my home country Bulgaria to start my first real job as a legal assistant in a small accountant firm. And then went into the big corporate world to be a data analyst for one of the biggest marketing companies. It took me less than 3 weeks to realize this is not the pat for me and longer than 3 years to find the courage to quit my job. Through experience, we learn who we are, so I really entered into that new phase in life which is Freedom.

How did I get here? I do not believe in coincidences. I arrived at the beach of Gokceada island in summer 2017 ready to do the kite-thingy. This where and when I met George, the ProRider founder, kite-instructor and passionate father. He has been my partner in sport, in adventure, in life and love ever since. Meeting him marked the beginning of the end of that previous life. I started helping him by reviving the Prorider-website. We want to show people what we do and to interest them in that different lifestyle that is the kite-surfers explorers of the world.

Prorider Blog Stories About The Authors Lina George

De ce este important acest lucru? Kitesurf…

Why is this important? Kite-surf is a new sport evolving very fast. As mainstream as it is, it is also an extreme sport that puts the life of the kite-surfer in danger and those around him. Rules are needed to help people kite safe and enjoy the sport to its full potential. So it is good responsible instructors (certified and experienced) to transfer the knowledge and the skills to kite while insisting on the security and the fun in kite-surfing.

What is the blog about? “Love. Passion. Understanding.” It does sound cliché, but it is love for that sport that engages me in the adventures where it brings me. The more I learn about kite-surf the more passionate I feel about sharing this experience with others. And… as I mentioned just above while sharing it is important to understand the dangers that come along. We love to kite, but we respect life more!

In our stories, we would like to share with you the adventures we live, the places we visit, the experiences we gather. Some live while reading, others read while living. We would like to inspire all. If we have information about a destination you are curious about, we are happy to advise or assist you in your adventure.

Also, life is more than beautiful landscapes. With our tutorials, we would like to advise on the good practices and safety procedures in that beautiful sport. So all kite-boarders stay safe and enjoy the ride. You are welcome to contact us about all subject we may be useful to you. As well as, you are welcome to join our journey at any time. The more the merrier!

Welcome to the Prorider-world and let’s go kite


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